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The Deep Hidden Meaning Of 420

420: Go Through Wisdoms Door and Achieve Peace  

In a fascinating discovery, researchers have uncovered a deeper meaning behind the number 420. Through the ancient practice of gematria, they have deciphered a hidden symbolism that has been passed down for generations.

According to gematria, the number 420 represents the words “חיים טובים” or “chayim tovim” in Hebrew, which translates to “for good life, and for peace.”.” This interpretation is based on the numerical values assigned to each letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

The significance of this discovery lies in the fact that 420 has long been associated with the cannabis culture, with many believing that it refers to the time of day (4:20pm) when people would gather to smoke cannabis. However, this very old and hidden interpretation suggests that the true meaning of 420 is far more profound than simply a time to light up.

Instead, 420 represents a desire for a good life – a life free from suffering through wisdom and then filled with joy and happiness. This interpretation has the potential to shift the perception of cannabis use from a recreational activity to a tool for achieving a better life.

While the origins of this symbolism remain unclear, it is believed to have originated in ancient Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah. Its connection to the cannabis culture likely emerged in the 1970s when a group of high school students in California began using “420” as a code word for smoking marijuana which is in sync with gematria.

As this new interpretation gains traction, it may lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the cannabis culture and its potential benefits. It also highlights the power of gematria and the hidden meanings that can be uncovered through this ancient practice.

4 is entering the doorway, 2 is the toil or effort that creates wisdom (2+4) while 0 is peace or nothingness added together we have 6 which is wisdom and understanding that leads to happiness and ultimately joy.