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Tinkerbells Hybrid Cannabis Strain Is Making People Fly

Tinkerbell has always been known to liberally sprinkle her so-called “fairy dust” over those wishing to escape by flight. However, many people have speculated about what her magic fairy dust was actually made out of. But now thanks to TOP WORLD NEWS deep investigation journalism we have dug up some of the grit on Tinklebells magical sparkling dust.

Tinkerbell grew up in a miraculous cannabis garden in Northern California and she comes from a long line of cannabis cultivators starting with her great-great-great grandfather. Tink’s Grandad migrated from Atlantis after the great flood. They lost everything but made their way to the new promised land in the golden triangle of NorCal.

In less than a generation, the Tinkerbell family had a blossoming garden. He started from scratch collecting seeds from every region during his migration all the way to his final destination deep in the mountains. He collected quite a variety of basic landrace strains along the way. He found an astounding variety of seeds. He must have gone all over the globe searching and collecting everything from hemp cannabis Sativa to great northern cannabis Indica strains.

Although he had not found his new home yet, his collection of genetics had become quite an impressive seed bank. Some say that his variety of cannabis strains actually inspired and helped the Dutch seed companies get up and running while giving them a business model that lead to much success in a short time period. Many very well-known cannabis companies have learned a thing or two from Tinks grandad. Whether they know it or not he was the pioneer of many of today’s genetics and initially created most of the hybrid cannabis Strains.

Tinkerbell’s great-grandad was choked full of ambitions as well as having the know-how and expertise to genetically modify cannabis strains so professionally that he could create plants to do just about anything. He could make a plant create a variety of alkaloids in any combination and with any potency or concentration. He would modify genetics for specific ailments or love spells and even magic crafts. He could create any kind of modified magical cannabis plant to have powers for just about anything- including actual flight.

When we arrived at the farm, one of the first things we noticed was that the whole place was sparkling. A glitter-like mist continuously sprinkled while floating around which seemed almost foggy but more powdery and very shiny whirls of essences in the air. A small breeze had me sneezing. I could only imagine all the pollens in the air. I’m definitely beginning to feel floaty…

“Tinkerbell, the great-granddaughter of a renowned cannabis geneticist, is making waves in the marijuana industry with her revolutionary new strain. After inheriting her great-grandfather’s expertise and ambitions, Tinkerbell developed a unique hybrid cannabis strain that has gained immense popularity among users”.


What makes this particular strain so special? According to reports from those who have tried it, they claim that it gives them an incredible high – one that literally lifts them up off the ground! Those who have used Tinkerbell’s Hybrid Cannabis Strain report feeling incredibly light and euphoric as if they are flying through the air.

Tinkerbell hybrid Cannabis Strain

The effects of this strain vary greatly depending on how much you take; some users find themselves hovering just inches above the ground while others soar high into the sky! While there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to back up these claims yet, many experts in the field believe that Tinkerbell’s innovative approach to genetic modification could be responsible for such extraordinary results.

Tinkerbell hybrid Cannabis Strain

The strain was initially thought to be just another medical marijuana product, but it quickly gained notoriety for its unusual effects. After ingesting the hybrid strain, users reported feeling as if they had suddenly been imbued with superhuman abilities—including the ability to defy gravity and soar through the sky like birds.

Tinkerbell hybrid Cannabis Strain

Experts in both genetics and pharmacology are astounded by this development and have begun analyzing samples of Tinkerbell’s Hybrid Cannabis Strain in order to determine how exactly it works. Preliminary tests suggest that ingesting this particular strain causes an increase in dopamine production, which is responsible for providing users with feelings of pleasure, euphoria, and motivation—and thus propels them into flight. Furthermore, they are able to suggest that strains with more THCV could be the reason many people begin to float and eventually fly off.

Tinkerbell hybrid Cannabis Strain

As word continues to spread about this remarkable new strain, more people are beginning to experiment with it and experience its amazing effects for themselves. With so much potential for growth within this burgeoning market segment, only time will tell what kind of impact Tinkerbell’s Hybrid Cannabis Strain will have on our world in years to come!

Tinkerbell hybrid Cannabis Strain