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3 Reasons To Join A Local Cannabis Cult

If global politics, war, pandemics, and famine have you scared to death you may want to become a member of a cannabis cult. There are many good ones out there, but in this article, we go over the top three reasons to join a local one. Reasons to join are growing rampantly in demand as fear soars.  Tensions are growing daily and the number of people cracking up, and losing their minds while shooting up the place is steadily increasing. Cannabis cults serve the local community with a safe sanctuary to harbor and shelter enlightened and wayward souls alike. 

When you consider the horrors of quantum computing, transhumanism, and shaken baby blood in some cults, a cannabis cult seems like a much better community to join. Looming disasters like aliens invading that eat humans like I eat chicken wings is enough to set anyone into a panic attack. The most disturbing part wouldn’t be the sauce all over their faces, but the crackling of the cartilage and popping noise that echos down the streets as they eat human limbs devouring the cartilage down to the bone. This is scary stuff and when times are turbulent, it’s time to consider joining a local cannabis cult.

As society slowly crumbles and re-opens the collective mind to the benefits of this plant, this new phenomenon is emerging. Fears that cannabis will lead to moral decay and addiction seem to have only strengthened the resolve of some people who are forming tight-knit groups around this plant. While joining a cannabis cult may not be for everyone here are the top 3 reasons to find a cannabis click.

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The number three reason to join a local cannabis cult is because of the smiling faces.  It’s a great place to make friends and bond with like-minded individuals. Cannabis cults are growing in popularity. With its smiling faces, pleasant bonding, and conscientiousness among fellow humans, it certainly seems like a benign and positive movement.  Some experts have suggested that the cult’s focus on empathy and oneness with the universe may actually be a way to brainwash members into submission. And while there is no evidence that any harm has come to anyone involved in a cannabis cult, some observers say that it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

If you’re looking for a community that shares your values, then this is the perfect place for you and no one will look at you as food.  Some believe that a cannabis cult is a harmless group of people who simply enjoy smoking weed. Others believe that a cannabis cult has more sinister motives and that they are using cannabis as a way to get people addicted and under their control. Although a cannabis cult may be something different altogether.

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Secondly, the cannabis cult’s never-ending truth is that with cannabis everything is better.  Even non-cult cannabis users can verify that everything is always better with cannabis.  This includes but is not limited to eating, working, and full-spectrum adulting which is way better with pot. The cannabis cult’s fundamental belief system has the answers to all of life’s questions and offers a special solution to be gained only by enjoying the herb.

Not all cannabis cults are the same yet all of them share one thing in common: they believe in the power of cannabis.  These groups are made up of people who believe that cannabis is a holy plant and that it can cure all ills or at least make circumstances much better. Cannabis cults are growing with members.  Cannabis is seen as a way to connect with the divine, achieve enlightenment and experience true happiness. These cults are tight-knit communities, where members help each other find the cannabis they need for personal use. They believe in the healing power of the plant, and see it as a way to connect with nature and find peace.

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The number one reason to join a cannabis cult is the loyalty program. A good cannabis cult always has a good loyalty program.  The genesis of cult followers and the growth of cannabis culture can be attributed to the members who have accumulated enough rewards and continually spread the good word among the community. A successful cannabis cult keeps the members very loyal by rewarding their behaviors in the cannabis store. Many cannabis stores offer a way into their cult following with loyalty programs to acquire loyalty points. 

As a result, many people are turning to cannabis cults for guidance and support. These cults offer a safe space for people who want to use cannabis without judgment. They also provide information on how to use cannabis safely and responsibly. Many of the stores offer a way into their cult by starting them with loyalty programs. 

Cannabis stores that have loyalty rewards are always a good choice for beginning your cult following. The prophecy is fulfilled, the mission is complete, bonds are made, friendships cultivated and a new balance between friends all on the back or may it be the stem of our sacred plant cannabis. 

Loyalty programs offered by the stores are what started the cult-like trend while social media fanned the flame. The cannabis cult stores have created and grown their followers better than any cult in history.


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